Monday, January 02, 2006

Sexual Harrassment and the Olympics

Gearing up to the 2006 Olympics and interesting story has emerged about the women's skeleton team. To be honest, I have no clue what skeleton is- something like luge which is another sport I know nothing about -- but the coach of the team Tim Nardiello has been accused of sexual harassment. Turns out that he had been accused previously but no investigation was opened.

The idiot, Matt Roy who ran the skeleton federation in 2002 when the first accusation surfaced said today in the NY Times,
"I think, I assume, we treated it seriously and looked into it..."
Gee thanks. I think, I assume he's an idiot.

Some of the comments Nardiello is accused of saying include:
"athletes' legs should not be spread apart, 'unless I am between them,' and suggesting that athletes should picture their sleds as their 'naked boyfriend.'"
He is also accused of barging into the female athletes rooms while they were dressing.

When the story first broke the coach still had his job, but now he has been suspended. Stay tuned.

Skeleton Coach Was Admonished in 2002
Coach Suspended Amid Accusations

The NY Times and women

I'm changing the idea of this blog. Since I am editing news each day at Women's Media Center this site will be more focused on things that need further comment mostly related to women's politics, pop culture and sports.

So to start us off, the NY Times last week had some really great articles on women, especially women in Africa. I noticed that none of them had any dates so they were held until a time when they could run. So, I guess that means that the only time substantive stories about women can run in the NY Times is the week when everyone is on vacation and no one is reading the Times.

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