Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What We Need to Know Today

Anna Quindlen weighs in on the controversy over emergency contraception. She writes "Feminist advocates have always suspected that the anti-abortion movement is less motivated by the sanctity of life than by opposition to women's rights." Really? You Think? Plan B

O'Connor Watch
USA Today has an editorial from Tony Mauro about the importance of making sure the nominee is a woman. The one thing I learned from this piece is that the public women's restroom did not open at the same time as the men's room and it took Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Justice Sandra Day O'Connor until 1996 to get this fixed. That's just crazy. We all know that women pee way more than men. appoint another woman

Slate gives us a look at a presumptive short list and their stands on Roe v Wade. Slate

Celeb Fact

Angelina Jolie has adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia. Her name is Zahara Marley Jolie.

The WNBA All-Star game is Saturday at 4pm on ABC. There are many things that bother me about how the players get picked to be on the team, but the most bothersome is the continuing realization that women's sports is just like men's sports. The starters on the team got picked by the fans and it was just a popularity contest. Swin Cash has spent the entire season looking pretty on the bench and played her first game last night. There is no way she should be on the team, yet she is a starter. Come on. The WNBA should step up and pull her at least as a starter.

I don't usually agree with ESPN's Nancy Lieberman about anything but I agree with her on the Lindsey Whalen snub. She's good- really good. Dawn Staley has seen her day, it's Lindsey's turn and she got snubbed. I would venture to say that the entire east starting lineup aside from Tamika Catchings (sorry Becky) is just crap. Ruth Riley shows up to play sometimes and Becky Hammon is just inconsistent. When she plays well, the Liberty win, but when she doesn't play well, they lose.

People in the west handled it better. Here are the lineups.
WNBA All Star Lineup

TidBit of the Day
Two studies related to women appear in The Journal of the American Medical Association. First study says there is no link between low levels of testosterone and sex drive in women. Story in LA Times - sex drive in women

Second study discusses whether Vitamin E helps prevent heart disease and strokes.
Vitamin E.

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