Thursday, July 07, 2005

What We Need to Know Today

O'Connor Watch
NY Times reports that Democrats are encouraging the President to look for the new justice is the same mold as O'Connor. O'Connor

Women at Work
Judith Miller on the NY Times goes to jail for protecting her source (she didn't even write a story) and Matthew Cooper gets off. Miller jailed

The US Mission to the UN is in the capable hands of Anne W. Patterson while the Botlon nomination continues to struggle in Congress. How about dumping Bolton and keeping the woman who has been in charge since January? Anne W. Patterson

Katha Pollit comments on the movement afoot to reframe the abortion debate. reframing abortion

From Today's Salon
Bush's woman troubles

After George W. Bush's most recent press conference, some reporters complained that the president hadn't taken questions from very many female reporters -- "very many," in this case, meaning more than one. The day after the press conference, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan was asked, "At the press conference yesterday, approximately 25 percent of the journalists were women, and the president took only one question from a woman reporter. Can you explain this pattern?" McClellan said it was the media's fault; if editors would assign more female reporters to the White House, the president would have the ability to call on more female reporters.

If that answer wasn't exactly a satisfying one, the president didn't help himself much during a stop in Denmark on the way to Scotland Tuesday. Bush apparently wanted to take a question from Reuters, so he shouted out, "Reuters man, Toby." Only it turns out that "Reuters man, Toby" is Tabassum Zakaria, who happens to be a woman. Bush immediately corrected himself, then made matters worse. "Woman -- excuse me, I can see that," he said. "So how long have you been on the presidential beat?" When Zakaria said that she'd been covering the White House since February, Bush told her, "Yes, well, make yourself less scarce."

The US Women's National soccer team is planning their second of three summer games this Sunday in Portland Oregon. The team is going through a major transition with a new coach and many new players in the post Mia Hamm era. The game is live on July 10 at 6:30pm on ESPN2. US women adjust to post Mia era

A new play by Wendy Wasserstein is to open the 21st season of Lincoln Center Theater. With a cast including Charles Durning and Dianne Wiest, the play, "Third," to be directed by Daniel Sullivan, deals with a college professor whose life as an educator, wife, mother and daughter is thrown into disarray after she accuses a student of plagiarism. Previews at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater are to begin on Sept. 29; the official opening date is Oct. 24.

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