Wednesday, July 13, 2005

What We Need to Know Today

Slow day with news dominated by the Karl Rove debacle. Two thoughts- both of the victims in this insanity are women. Judith Miller- in jail; Valerie Plame- cover blown, takes a desk job at the CIA.

Supreme Court Watch

Laura Bush thinks her husband should name another female Justice to replace O'Connor
Laura Bush

The Evolution of Hillary Clinton from today's NYTimes
Hillary Clinton

LA Times is running a series on a 10-year old girl boxer. Girl Boxer

Michelle Wie made the first cut yesterday at Men's Amateur Public Links championship. This championship determines who will get an invitation to the Masters. Hootie Johnson who got into a catfight with Martha Burk several years ago is going to have a heart attack if she qualifies.

What is the facination with Michelle Wie? Michelle Wie

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