Saturday, July 16, 2005

What We Need to Know Today

The NYTimes has an editorial today about how women are abused in order to interrogate prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. prisoner abuse

Lifetime just released the results of a survey suggesting that women control the Direct Video Recorders. So forget the crap about guys making the TV watching decisions. DVR control

Why Did it Take So Long?
The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is about to make history by offering Marin Alsop the position of Music Director. This would be the first time on of the largest orchestras in America has offered the position to a woman. In keeping with tradition, members of Orchestra were upset that the announcement and said it was " premature" and that "the search should continue" but refused to say why they were upset. Sexist bastards! Just be honest and say you don't want a girl in charge.


Michelle Wie wants to play against the boys! Why is anyone shocked about this? The LPGA is second rate and Wie can compete against the best which is still the men. Wie

Kate Burton is one of those great actresses who has remained loyal to the theatre. Kate Burton

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