Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What We Need to Know Today

It's all downhill now
So now its official- we're screwed! John Roberts will be on the Supreme Court for something like 30 years. I just want to barf. Folks this is what happens when good people make very bad decisions when it comes to voting. People wanted George Bush and now they can kiss all of our rights goodbye. Hello Canada.

Another thing I'm pissed about is I started getting emails from pro-choice and progressive groups about a minute after the nominee was announced. And the first thing they do is ask me for money. I get emails from these organizations every day and delete them because they ask me for money every day. On this day- don't ask me for money. Make your case, then I will give you money. And stop sending those emails everyday! Just because you have my address doesn't mean you shold use it every day.

The email that was great was People for the American Way. They handled it perfectly.

Just in
Judge Roberts wife is a member of Feminist for Life.

Who is John Roberts?
From today's Washnigton Post "In 1991, John G. Roberts Jr., then deputy solicitor general in the George H.W. Bush administration, told the Supreme Court that its historic decision supporting a woman's right to an abortion was "wrongly decided and should be overruled." In 2003, when Roberts was up for a judgeship, he played down his earlier statement, explaining that he made the administration's case against Roe v. Wade only because that was his responsibility as its lawyer."

Check Out
Greta Van Sustern gets good ratings on Fox. Over 1.5 million people have watched this year and more since she started focusing on the Natalee Holloway case -- and she answers emails from viewers. GRETA

Jane Pauley releases her memoir in paperback and talks about her bi-polar disorder.

The saga of Marin Alsop's nomination to the musical directorship of the Baltimore Symphony continues. The Board of Directors approved her appointment yesterday and the members of the Orchestra met her appointment with silence. Go Marin!

Got a call from a source this morning and she was irate! Frank Deford who has a weekly commentary on NPR stepped over the line this week in takling about Michelle Wie wanting to play against the boys on the PGA tour. Usually, Deford is benign but this week he basically said that Michelle Wie wanting to play on the men's tour is going to be the downfall of women's sports. I say, give me a break! Wie will make people more interested in women's athletes and I would venture that she will play on the women's tour and will attract more attention. Some of his quotes from this morning" middleweights can't knock out heavyweights" and "stick to playing against your own kind."

Frank- you owe Michelle and all women and girl athletes an apology. I only hope that you have daughters and they kick your ass tonight!

Danica Patrick is still basking in the attention from the Indy 500. DANICA PATRICK

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