Friday, July 22, 2005

What We Need to Know Today

Supreme Court update
Just over half of all Americans — and a solid majority of women — want to know John Roberts' position on abortion before the Senate votes on whether to elevate him to the Supreme Court.- AP

More on the nominee's wife and her antichoice escapades.

Susan Estrich weighs in on the Roberts nomination.

The Leak
So now it seems that the document that listed Valerie Plame's name had the letter "S" on it for secret. Gee, guess that wasn't something to gossip about.
Helen Thomas has some thoughts on the situation.

Veronica Mars (an awesome show) will get some extra exposure this summer when big sister network CBS airs 4 repeats of the UPN show. The shows air Friday, July 29 (8 p.m./Ch. 2), and Friday Aug. 5 and 12.

Time Magazine's Galley Girl talks to Sophie Kinsella - one of the most successful "chick lit" authors. CHICK LIT

The US Women's National soccer team completes its summer games with a Sunday game against Iceland. (See it at 5pm on ESPN2) Christie Welsh is the leading scorer for the team. She is trying to break through and make it to the team that goes to a World Cup or Olympics. The 2007 World Cup is a long way away but she's on the right track. WELSH

I am amazed at the ability of elite women athletes to have children and get back into shape so quickly. Carla Overbeck and Joy Fawcett did it on the US soccer team and now comes Tina Thompson, All-Star from the Houston Comets in the WNBA. She had a baby in May and was just activated last night to play. Wow.

Did you Know?
That Japanese women have the longest life expentancy in the world at 85.59 years.

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