Thursday, July 28, 2005

What We Need to Know Today

Catholics for a Free Choice has a report on Pope Ratiznger's first 100 days. Suffice it to say, he ain't been progressive.

China was picked its first women to go into space.

A very interesting post by Arianna Huffington regarding the jailbird Judith Miller. Huffington posits that one of the theories going on around The NY Times is that Miller did not reveal her source because she was actually the one who started inquiring about Joseph Wilson, and then learned his wife was a CIA agent. Wilson, you will remember wrote the infamous piece in The NY Times in July 2003 about his trip to Niger and the WMD stuff was bullshit. Miller carried the Bush team's water on the WMD issue and helped get this war started. VERY INTERESTING ARIANNA- her most thoughtful post yet.

One movie I'm excited about is Must Love Dogs opening this weekend starring Diane Lane and John Cusack. It's about a newly-divorced woman re-entering the dating scene. Personally, I've had a crush on John Cusack since my teens (I am a huge fan of Say Anything) and seeing Gary David Goldberg (Family Ties creator) working again is good news. But its Diane Lane who will make or break this movie. Finally, a movie for adults. Go see it this weekend- the first weekend is what makes or break a film in today's world.

This TV season is one of the most exciting for me in recent years. ABC will premiere its drama Commander in Chief about the first woman president played by Geena Davis. Each summer before the start of the season the TV critics go to Hollywood to learn about the new shows. At the session related to Commander in Chief about the first woman President starring Geena Davis will focus more on "east wing" activities rather than "west wing" activities.

So, let me get this- a show about a President of the US will not be a political show? Give me a break. If Commander in Chief starred a man it would be a political show. I'm high on this show having seen the pilot but I want to caution ABC not to sell women short and think we can't handle politics.

Lisa de Moraes from The Washington Post also weighs in:
"While "West Wing" deals with specific political issues that are "rather arcane," "Commander-in-Chief" will deal with such issues as how to get the First Kids to school, how to take the First Kids trick-or-treating, how state dinners are run from A to Z -- a lot of East Wing stuff, Lurie explained.

That's probably because while Red Lips (please don't tell me this is her secret service name) is president of the United States she's also a mother and "if there's one thing history has taught us," it's that while women can become prime ministers or heads of Fortune 500 companies, they almost always remain the primary caregivers of their children, he (Rod Lurie, the creator) said."

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