Friday, July 29, 2005

What We Need to Know Today

Women in Afhganistan who are attempting to run for office are under fire.

Seven of the Senate Democratic women stood up and said they want John Roberts to answer questions on privacy, gay and lesbian rights and other important issues. They created a website ASK ROBERTS to allow citizens to send in the questions they want asked.

The papers released about Roberts show that when he was lawyer in the Reagan administration he wrote an opinion urging the administration not to appeal the ruling that basically stopped Title IX in its tracks in the 80s.

"A 1982 Roberts memo urged the Justice Department not to appeal a federal court ruling limiting Title IX's reach into all programs at a university that received federal funds.

The memo said 'under Title IX, federal investigators cannot rummage willy- nilly through institutions, but can go only as far as the federal funds go.'"

Great, so we will lose Roe and Title IX. Things just keep getting better.

Is Hillary electable?

Susan Estrich on the two Johns- Bolton and Roberts

Lifetime has some lighthearted fare started this weekend. A six hour mini-series Beach Girl starring Rob Lowe and Julia Ormand premieres Sunday night at 8pm.

Patti Pupone will return to Broadway this fall in a new production of Sweeney Todd.

Julia Roberts will make her Broadway debut next spring in Richard Greenberg's Three Days of Rain.

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