Thursday, August 18, 2005

What We Need to Know Today

Women in combat related positions (cause we can't fight) don't have a higher stress level than men a new study shows.

How Cindy Sheehan has gone from a grieving mom to peace icon in under 2 weeks. I smell a movie of the week and a book contract. In 11 days, Cindy Sheehan has been mentioned 20,585 times in television news broadcasts.

NBC Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell has written a memoir entitled Talking Back. She talked to Time.

Rachel McAdams who made a big splash last year in The Notebook is the "it" girl of the summer with Wedding Crashers and this week's Red Eye.

Janeane Garofalo will have a three-episode arc on NBC's The West Wing.
Thesp-activist plays a controversial media strategist hired by Democratic presidential candidate Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits). Her first seg is slated to air Oct. 2.

In a early look at fall TV, AP has a story that lists Commander in Chief as a possible hit.
Commander-in-Chief bears certain similarities to The West Wing: For instance, both are dramas about a U.S. president. But ABC’s commander in chief is neither a Democrat nor a male — she’s an Independent and a woman. Elected vice president, Mackenzie Allen becomes chief executive upon the death of the man who made her his running mate as a ploy to win female voters. Now can she weather foes in Washington plotting her downfall — particularly the sly Speaker of the House (Donald Sutherland), who wanted her to step aside so he could claim the Oval Office? With Geena Davis as the very presidential President Allen, this show seems electable as a hit."

Also on the list is Bones- a drama about a female forensic anthropolgist.

The LA Sparks promoted Joe Bryant (Kobe's dad) after only three weeks as an assitant coach, to be the coach of the team after they didn't "officially" fire Henry Bibby. Give me a break, the guy was canned cause a team with that much talent just sucks.

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