Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What We Need to Know Today

Please excuse the lack of posts over the last several days- too much work but i am back in gear with so much news.

Roberts Hearing
The hearings began on Monday with the opening statements from all the Senators. I watched a bit of the statements and John Roberts just stared - no blinking, nothing. It looked like he had glued his eyelids open.

9:30 on Tuesday morning, Senator Specter opened the hearings with a direct hit on abortion. When asked about overturning Roe v. Wade Roberts answered: "I do think that it is a jolt to the legal system when you overrule a precedent" but he added "there are situations when that's a price that has to be paid." He is so blowing hot air around.

Roberts did say he believed there was a right to privacy is the consitution and in another instance said "I have a daughter for whom I will insist at every turn she has equal citizenship rights with her brother." Does that bode well for Title IX? i think more hot air.

He declined to answer questions 21 times yesterday.

Women's rights and violence against women especially rape are at the top of the agenda in Pakistan at a two day conference on women's rights that has brought people from all over the country to discuss this topic.

A woman in the Indian state of Chattisgarh has been forced to plough a field harnessed alongside a bull. The move was ordered by village elders who said she had angered the rain god by breaking a taboo on women touching ploughs, thus risking a drought.

Conservative leaning young women are challenging the hold progressives namely NOW have over campus based groups. The Network of Enlightened Women, NEW, affiliated with the Independent Women's Forum and other right wing women's groups are striving to be an alternative for conservative minded women on campus. BLAH BLAH BLAH- give me a break. They are just another shill funded by the right wingers.

Germaine Greer on aging

Women took center stage at the Toronto Film Festival. Both Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlize Theron have new films coming out that are creating a lot of buzz. Paltrow stars in Proof (opening Friday in the US) where she plays the daughter of a brilliant mathematician mourning his death. Theron plays the lead character in North Country, a fictionalized version of the first major sexual harrassment suit. The film is directed by Niki Caro who directed the brilliant Whale Rider. Film opens October 21.

Sissy Spacek plays Theron's mother and said the film was like a throwback to a more issue-driven time in Hollywood. “It's like Silkwood and Norma Rae. It's hard to get these films made, so really salute the studio.” (from USA Today)

Nancy Drew is finally coming to the big screen. I used to love the TV show when I was a kid- Pamela Sue Martin- I think that's her name was a great Nancy Drew. Emma Roberts, Julia's niece will play the detective.

Shirley Temple black will receive the Screen Actor's Guild Lifetime acheivement award at their annual awards ceremony in January.

Judy Davis will star in a 2006 movie on Lifetime Television based on true events of mother-and-son grifters Sante and Kenneth Kimes. I worship Judy Davis- why doesn't she do more and pick better projects?

Melissa Etheridge, now cancer free, will host and executive produce - Women Rock which will air on Lifetime on october 18.

The new TV season is kicking off this week and one show that I thoroughly enjoyed was Fox's Bones. Based on Kathy Reich's best selling crime dramas, Emily Deschanel stars as Temperance Brennan a forensic athropologist who solves crimes. This show really respected the character's intelligence- who costumes and makeup were very understated and it made the character much more realistic. Her dialogue is witty and the supporting characters were also very interesting. Excited for week 2.

Jane Fonda at 67 beats out a 23 year old model to be on the cover of Good Housekeeping.

Sania Mirza, the first Indian woman to reach the 4th round of the US Open is pummelled by Muslim clerics for her attire in competitions believing that she will corrupt young women. How about thinking how much she is empowering young women?

The WNBA finals begin tonight and my favorite player, Lindsey Whalen of the Connecticut Sun is hurting. She broke a bone in her knee in the last round and doesn't look like she will be playing in the first two games. This will really, really hurt Connecticut. She is the engine that makes the team run. Sacramento was missing their point guard, Ticha Penicheiro in the last round but Kara Lawson and Kristin Haynie were able to step up big time. Both played good minutes during the season and Lawson has a leadership quality to her so that she innately knows when she needs to step up and lead her team.

Jen Derevjanik, the backup point guard for Connecticut, is too defensive minded and doesn't look for her shot so I think it will be a hard road for Connecticut without Whalen.

oscar winner Cate Blanchett is the latest actress turned director. She will direct Harold Pinter's A Kind of Alaska next year in Sydney.

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