Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What We Need to Know Today

Educating Indian women about AIDS in a culture that does not discuss sex and where many women have not even heard of the disease is a very difficult prospect.

Melissa Etheridge is cancer free, in love and awesome and about to release a greatest hits album (I am so buying it) which has two new songs on it.

Zadie Smith has written another best-seller. Her On Beauty was recently shortlisted for the Booker Prize and is getting a lot of play here. Frank Rich wrote a review of it in the NYTimes book review.

Feminist TV writer Jill Soloway from Six Feet Under has a new book of personal comic essays out entitled Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants: Based on a True Story. Can't go wrong when one of the chapters is entitled "Why Jews Go to the Bathroom with the Door Open." I'm buying it- I bet 10 bucks she's from Long Island.

Jodie Foster's new film Flightplan opens on Friday. An interesting point is that Jodie's character was actually written for a male actor. Peter Dowling, the film's screewriter says it best:
"I think one of the most amazing things about that kind of situation when it starts off, as a man, it has a tendency not be to written as a victim, because a male star doesn't want to be seen as a victim, whereas a lot of these female-driven thrillers ... well it's a woman in peril, that's the way people come at her, so I think it is good that she is a very proactive, strong woman."

So we should change all the scripts with guy characters to girl characters and we'll have proactive women and not victims. Note to Hollywood.

The Sacramento Monarchs won the city of Sacramento its first ever championship trophy by defeating the Connecticut Sun 3-1 in the WNBA Finals. It was a great series, Connecticut had its chances but with the injury to Lindsey Whalen the team could not handle Sacramento's defense. Before the knee and ankle problems Lindsey would be threat to penetrate the lane on every possession which created challenges for the defense. Without her penetrating ability, Sacramento's stifling defense was able to hold tight. Congrats to them. Can't wait until next May for the 10th anniversary season. I can't believe its 10 years.

16 years old golfer Michelle Wie could be going pro as early as this weekend. If she would have been a pro this past season she would have earned $640,870 based on her tournament records. Ouch.

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