Friday, October 14, 2005

What We Need to Know Today

Tiina Rosenberg, one of the founders of Sweden's feminist party which launched in April of 2005 has quit citing homophobia and media pressures. TIINA ROSENBERG

Judith Miller has been cleared of contempt charges in the Valerie Plame case after spending 85 days in jail. Now maybe she can tell the whole story.

Vivian Malone Jones, one of two black students whose effort to enroll at the University of Alabama led to George Wallace's infamous "stand in the schoolhouse door" in 1963, died Thursday. She was 63.

A woman in the UK was raped after smoking a "spiked" cigarette. Terrific now they can slip roofies in your cigarettes. Just another reason to quit smoking.

Monica Roa has been working to change the abortion law in Columbia. She has received death threats but refuses to back down. She has been fighting the Church in this overwhelmingly Catholic country, but also is fighting US foreign policy that prevents people from talking about abortion for fear of losing foreign aid.

I highly highly recommend In Her Shoes. I saw it the other day and thought it was extremely well done. I'm not a big fan of Cameron Diaz but she really took her acting to another level in this film. Toni Collettte, was amazing as usual, and Shirley McLaine was understated as the long lost grandma. This is not just a light chick flick film. It's about love and loss and is very moving. As I left I was thinking, this is one of those films that when it is on cable I would watch it over and over again. It's just plain good drama.

Other films opening this weekend: Nine Lives- a look into the everyday lives of nine women by Rodrigo García. Film stars Glenn Close, Amy Brenneman, Dakota Fanning, Elpidia Carrillo, Robin Wright Penn, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Holly Hunter, Sissy Spacek and others. This delicious cast just makes me want to see it.

Marta Kauffman, one of the creators of Friends, has taken up the mantle on the WB's Related, a one hour drama about four sisters.

Madeleine Albright will appear as herself on the October 25th episode (8pm WB) of the Gilmore Girls to help the ongoing negotiations between Lorelai and Rory.

Susan Estrich is out with a new book making the case for a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Women on the Edge, a new colelction of essays by female writers in California consists of "women who have very brave voices and women who have a very daring view."

Catherine Tubb is the first female president of the Cambridge University boxing club. Halfway through her PhD in Organic chemistry Tubb said: “I can die happy knowing I’ve done my bit for feminism now."

The US Women's National Team plays its last two games of the year over the next several weeks. The first is this Sunday, October 16 6pm on ESPN2 vs Australia and the second is Sunday, October 23rd at 1pm on ESPN2 vs. Mexico. Tune in!

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club in Britain, has formally abandoned its ban on women competing in the Open Championship. Maybe Hootie Johnson and those who control the Masters in the US will finally get the picture.

Penn State is looking into allegations that Rene Portland, the women's basketball coach, made discriminatory allegation about one of her player's sexual orientation.

The short list for the Fifa Player of the year includes just a couple of US women: Shannon Boxx and Christie Welsh but they have no chance of winning. The European women are much stronger with Birgit Prinz of Germany and Kelly Smith of England in the running.

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