Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What We Need to Know Today - November 8

I know I've been remiss in blogging lately. That's because I'm editing a site so you can check out my work on there. Check out The Women's Media Center

Brat pack hits middle age. Remember St. Elmo's Fire, that brilliant movie that was so damn good in high school? (The top film will always be Fast Times at Ridgemont High.) Well it seems that those of us in that age bracket are about to have our midlife crisis. I don't know about you but I'm on my third crisis.
It's midlife crisis time for the Brat Pack

Buffy is a feminist
"'Think about Rosa Parks,' Sarah Michelle Gellar intoned to Lowdown the other night at the DKNY Jeans party. "There was a woman who did so much for other women. And nowadays, women are famous for the way they wear their hair. Or designers they wear. Or who they date."

Hmmmm. Can't imagine who she's talking about.

Buffy continued: 'Someone like Rosa Parks reminds you that fighting for women's causes is the most important thing we can do.'

The 28-year-old Gellar was chatting away in a VIP banquette at Hiro, playing host to the festivities - benefiting the nonprofit Step Up Women's Network."

Commnder in Chief updates
Polly Bergen has joined the cast of ABC's Commander in Chief, playing the mother of President Mackenzie Allen (Geena Davis). Bergen, who herself played the first female U.S. president in the 1964 feature Kisses for My President, will join the skein with the Thanksgiving episode, airing Nov. 29.

Alternet has a good piece on Commander in Chief
A Woman in Command

More TV News
WB has ordered a script for a new primetime soap called The Body Politic from Touchstone Television, and is set in the nation's capital, according to Variety. The project is written by Bill Robinson and Jason Rothenberg, produced ands directed by Peter Horton. Unlike other dramas set in Washington, in and around the political scene, this show will concentrate on a young woman arriving in Washington for the first time and her impressions of the less that politically correct side of town.

Film News
Sela Ward has signed on to star opposite Kevin Costner in The Guardian for Touchstone Pictures, Beacon Pictures and A School Prods.

Sports News
You must check out Dave Zirin's article in The Nation about how everyone missed the Sheryl Swoopes coming out opportunity.
Sheryl Swoopes: Out of the Closet--and Ignored

From the AP: The difference between the sexes has long been a rich source of humor. Now, it turns out, humor is one of the differences. Maybe we laugh more because we know if we stopped laghing we would just cry forever at how fucked up everything is?
Women get more joy out of humor

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