Thursday, December 01, 2005

Interesting tidbits for December 1, 2005

The Supreme Court heard its first abortion case in five years yesterday. The paper's today are all focused on the case and Judge Alito's work to overturn Roe.

Some of the coverage:
Washington Post: Roberts Seeks Middle Ground
Slate: Nibbling Away at Roe v. Wade
The NY Times: For New Court, Abortion Case Takes Old Path
The NY Times: Alito File Shows Strategy to Curb Abortion Ruling

Kansas City Star: “The industry people wonder how come all these women are
going to this movie. Well, hello. What are their choices? If 90 percent of
movies are made for 14-year-old boys, when you finally offer something for
the old babes, they will respond.”
Like Elizabeth in Movie, Women Find Lots to Love

The LA Times: "I want to honor who transgender women really are, which are
women," says Huffman, on her role in "Transamerica."
Talking With: Felicity Huffman

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