Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My internet connection hell

I am going through hell and am wondering if anyone else is in the same place as me. I upgraded my earthlink dsl to earthlink through time warner cable back on January. All was fine for 5 months until my modem fried, it took Time Warner 5 days to get to my house to replace the modem.

It has been a nightmare since then. They have replaced my modem several times, been in the backyard climbing the pole, been on the roof checking the line and nothing, my modem keeps recycling sometimes twice a day sometimes every 5 minutes.

I also moved my phone service to vonage to save money and my vonage is useless because my modem keeps going out.

Time Warner (by the way you all suck and are useless) can't help me anymore so I decided to get a dsl on a different phone line in my house through earthlink.

The stuff came in the mail, I hooked it up and voila no dsl service. I had a technician in my house yesterday and he said the problem is not here but at the main office.

Suffice it to say earthlink (I have been a loyal customer for 10 years) sucks just like Time Warner. Every time I call customer service I get a useless person in India who has no idea how to help me and when I ask to be transferred to a supervisor I get someone else who can't help me.

And these guys had the nerve to already bill me when my service is not working and I can't reach anyone to give them shit about it becasue the wait to talk to someone was 20 minutes.

I emailed the ceo of earthlink earlier this week and have heard nothing back.

Help me get some satisfaction. If anyone reads this and has any idea what I should do, email me at:

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