Monday, July 10, 2006

Zidane- Golden Boot Award?

I watched the World Cup with a bit of insane religiosity. I love soccer. But what Zidane did yesterday was horrible and inexcusable, and then for the journalists to name him the best player is a travesty.

I bet that a lot of people around the world (I know there were 2 in my house) hadn't watched any of the games except for the final. It was a cultural event not to be missed. That means that many people's only remembrance of this world cup will be zidane's head butt. Then the press goes ahead and rewards his behavior with the most prestigious award in soccer. Shameful.

Again, boys will be boys behavior is tolerated and exaulted and the role models for sports are men who cannot keep their cool in the heat of the moment.

Is it no surprise that the game has deteriorated into a folly of whistles with a little kicking in between each stop for a foul.

Women play soccer without all the crazy fouls. Maybe the guys should watch the women play -- they fight hard yet are not taking people down on a constant basis.

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