Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mel Gibson

August 2
I've hated Mel Gibson for a while. He always comes off as so moralisitic. His father is a public Holocausr denier- etc etc. He totally blew it forever when he got drunk (how unChristian of him), got pulled over and then blamed the jews (who made him a millionaire) for all the problems of the world.

This gave Hollywood Jews (don't think we don't know that you are all Jewish no matter how much you want us to forget) an opportunity to stand up for themselves, and other jews especially those dying in Lebanon for them to have the opportunity to make movies in Hollywood.

But Hollywood Jews are again silent, just like they were in the Holocause and in the McCarthy period.

Get some backbone! Here's a good LA Times piece about the silence of the Jews. Props out to Amy Pascal for being the only studio chief to be critical of Mel.

Where is Steven Speilberg? In the Hamptons? Does he not get the Times or have a TV there?

The shame is that so few say 'shame'

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